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Monday, 02 October 2017 09:18

Dental biologics

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The CALCIVIS imaging device has the potential to change the way the UK dental profession identifies and combats dental caries.

At the heart of this innovative new system, and the secret to its state-of-the-art capabilities, is the CALCIVIS photoprotein. This unique dental biologic, which produces light when it reacts with free calcium ions released o actively demineralising tooth surfaces, is never-before-seen technology in dentistry and is capable of providing an accurate ‘map’ of active dental decay.

Similar to the types of photoproteins that are used by marine organisms to produce bioluminescence in the ocean, the CALCIVIS photoprotein is a unique combination of natural science and human innovation.

When the biologic comes into contact with free calcium ions it produces a very low-level flash of light. This bioluminescent marker is then picked up by the imaging device’s powerful sensor and converted to a high quality image that is available for immediate review.

Due to the nature of the CALCIVIS photoprotein’s reaction with free calcium ions, it is capable of delivering a predictable result with low or no false positives – meaning that the images captured by the CALCIVIS imaging device are perfect for developing bespoke preventive treatment plans.

CALCIVIS are committed to eliminating the risk posed by undetected dental caries. By using this unique photoprotein to identify dental caries at the earliest possible opportunity, many cases of dental decay can be reversed before too much damage has been done.

To find out more about this cutting edge technology, contact the CALCIVIS team today.

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